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Bibliography Of Biologic
And Therapeutic Oxidation

Copyright 1992 by Thomas L. Hesselink, MD of Aurora, Illinois.
All rights are reserved. This communication may not be reproduced
in whole or in part without written permission from the author.

Biochemistry And Organic Chemistry:
Identity And Preparation Of The Koch Catalysts:
Mechanisms Of Immune Activation:
Medical Politics Versus Koch's Therapy:
Medical Politics Versus Alternatives And Innovations:
Oxidative Therapies:
Phenols, Polyphenols, Enediols:
Polyamines, Ptomaines:
Publications By Corroborators Of Koch's Therapy:
Publications By Doctor Koch:
Redox Active Nitrogen Compounds:
Redox Regulation And Physiology:
Thiols, Disulfides, Selenium:
Veterinary Uses Of Koch's Therapy:
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