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Medical Politics Versus
Alternatives And Innovations:

Dirty Medicine, 
   by Walker MJ, 
Lysenko And The Tragedy Of Soviet Science, 
   by Soyfer VN, 
Confessions Of A Medical Heretic, 
   by Mendelsohn RS, 
   Contemporary Books 
Why I Left Orthodox Medicine, 
   by Lonsdale D, 
The Cancer Blackout - 
A History Of Denied And Suppressed Remedies, 
   by Natenberg M, 
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Assessing The Efficacy and Safety Of Medical Technologies, 
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   [illustrates how many mainstream medical practices 
    are not any better proven than alternatives]
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The Medical Industrial Complex 
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The Allopathic-Industrial Complex, 
Medical Licensure, Antitrust Laws, Bogus Disciplinary Actions, 
Preventive Medicine, And The Public Intereest, 
   by Moore WH, Esq. 
   Southeastern Academy Of Preventive Medicine, (Mar 24, 1984)
Quackery A $10 Billion Scandal, 
   by Pepper C, 
   Select Committee On Aging / House Of Representatives (1984)
   [a highly prejudiced "report" denouncing alternatives]
The Cancer Cure That Worked! Fifty Years of Supression 
   by Barry Lynes 
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The Healing of Cancer, The Cures, The Cover-ups 
and the Solution Now! 
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Extent, Consequences, And Management, 
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Guarding The Integrity Of Medical Ethics - 
Some Lessons From Soviet Russia, 
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[one particular] Drug Company Undermines Science, 
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Politics And Healing - 
Suppression and Manipulation in American Medicine 
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When Healing Becomes A Crime - 
The Amazing Story of the Hoxsey Cancer Clinics 
and the Return of Alternative Therapies 
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Trust Us, We're Experts! 
How Industry Manipulates Science And Gambles With Your Future, 
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Great Feuds In Medicine: Ten Of The Liveliest Disputes Ever, 
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   [reviewed in J A M A, 286(6):723-724 (Aug 8, 2001)]
Fateful Harvest - The True Story of a Small Town, 
A Global Industry, and A Toxic Secret, 
[industrial toxic metals disposed into fertilizers of food] 
   by Wilson D, Harper Collins (2001)

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