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Medical Politics Versus Koch's Therapy:

The Prosecution Of Dr. Wm. F. Koch, 
   by D.H.Arnott, (Mar 04, 1950)
Racketeering In Medicine - The Suppression Of Alternatives, 
   by J.P.Carter, pp 82-88, 
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Koch Cancer Therapy, 
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[letter to Laurence B. Thatcher regarding Doctor Koch] 
   by W.H.Dow, (Jun 21, 1946)
Kochs Freed In Fraud Case, 
   by editor of unknown newspaper, (about 1946)
FTC Makes Decision On Koch Treatment, 
   by editor, p 1, 
   The Eleventh Hour Bulletin, V7#3, (Sep 1951)
Koch Antitoxins, 
   by editor, pp 131-134
   American Cancer Society, (1971)
Resolution To The Senate Judiciary Committee...,
   by the executive council, 
   Ministerial Federation Of America, (Oct 02,1947)
Politics And Healing - 
Suppression And Manipulation In American Medicine, 
   Chaper 3 , pp 49-91, [about Dr.Wm.F.Koch] 
   "Birth Of A Science Or Death Of A Science?" 
   by D.Haley, Potomac Valley Press, (2000)
Open Letter To Reader's Digest Regarding The Koch treatment, 
   by R.M.Holland, (Mar 25, 1950)
Medical Research Past Present And Future The Carbonyl Saga, 
   by P.M.Koch [son of W.F.Koch]
Psychosomatic Judgement, 
   by W.F.Koch, (1961)
The Koch Remedy For Cancer And Other Diseases, 
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The Cancer Blackout - A History Of Denied And Suppressed Remedies, 
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Dr. Swains's Keynote Address, 
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Open Letter To The Public, 
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The "Glyoxylide" Of William F. Koch - New Steps In The Eval..., 
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The Birth Of A Science, 
   by Wahl & Rehwinkel & Reilly, 
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