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Mechanisms Of Immune Activation:

Spontaneous Remission - An Annotated Bibliograpy,
by B.O'Regan & C.Hirshberg,
Institute Of Noetic Sciences, (1993)

Abstracts RE: NFKB Transactivation:

Redox regulation of NF-kappa B activation.

The role of nuclear factor-kappa B in cytokine gene regulation.

Transcription factors as activators of gene transcription: AP-1 and NF-kappa B.

Regulation of the transcription factors NF-kappa B and AP-1 by redox changes.

Modulation of transcription factor NF-kappa B binding activity by oxidation-reduction in vitro.

Distinct effects of glutathione disulphide on the nuclear transcription factor kappa B and the activator protein-1.

Nuclear factor kappa B: an oxidative stress-responsive transcription factor of eukaryotic cells (a review).

Functions of glutathione and glutathione disulfide in immunology and immunopathology.

Modulation of monocyte chemokine production and nuclear factor kappa B activity by oxidants.

Intracellular glutathione redox status modulates MCP-1 expression in pulmonary granulomatous vasculitis.

Nuclear factor kappa B: a pivotal role in the systemic inflammatory response syndrome and new target for therapy.

Differential regulation of extracellular signal-regulated kinase and nuclear factor-kappa B signal transduction pathways by hydrogen peroxide and tumor necrosis factor.

Hydrogen peroxide as a potent activator of T lymphocyte functions.

More References RE: NFKB-Cytokines-Immunoactivation

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