1-  the administration of oxidants 
	    in the treatment of illness or 
	    for other healthful purposes; 
	2-  the promoting, accelerating, 
	    supplementing, or stimulating 
	    of oxidative processes in the body. 

~~~ OXIDATIVE THERAPY =/= FREE RADICAL STRESS ~~~ "Oxidative Therapy" is NOT the same as "Free Radical Stress". Oxidative Therapy is not meant to be destructive. Safe physiologic changes are preferred, such as: - a shift in redox potential, - altered utilization of reducing equivalents, - on/off switching of cellular controls Free Radical Stress is characterized by: - a toxic overabundance of oxyradicals, - damage to biomolecules and to cellular structures ~~~ MYTHS PERTAINING TO BIOLOGICAL OXIDATION ~~~ FACTS: MYTHS: 1- Many oxyradicals are 1- Therefore all oxidants are strong oxidants and toxic. toxic just like oxyradicals. 2- Oxyradicals are free 2- Therefore all free radicals and often toxic. radicals are toxic. 3- Certain quenchers of 3- Therefore a reductant overload oxyradicals are reductants. is beneficial to eliminate as many oxidants as possible. ~~~ TRUTHS PERTAINING TO OXIDANTS AND FREE RADICALS ~~~ 1. THERE ARE GOOD OXIDANTS: cytochromes, ubiquinone, flavoproteins, pyridinium nucleotides, amine oxidases, pyrroloquinoline quinone, disulfides, diatomic oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, etc. 2. THERE ARE GOOD FREE RADICALS: semioxidized ascorbate, semireduced flavins, tocopheryl, nitric oxide, superoxide, etc. 3. THERE ARE BAD REDUCTANTS: hyperglycemia, acetaldehyde, tyramine, ferrous iron, methyl mercury, etc. ~~~ OXYGENATION VERSUS OXIDATION ~~~ OXYGENATION: The physiologic process of absorbing diatomic oxygen (O2) and delivering it to tissues. OXIDATION: The physiologic process of accepting, taking up, or removing electrons. ~~~ FACTORS WHICH INHIBIT OXYGENATION ~~~ - Poor Air Quality - High Altitude - Poor Lung Function - Anemia - RBC Clumping - Hemoglobinopathy methemoglobin carboxy hemoglobin 2,3-DPG deficiency - Arterial Stenosis - Arteriolar Vasospasm - Capillary Endothelial Swelling - Fibrin Layering - Basement Membrane Thickening - Tissue Swelling - Cytochrome A3 Dysfunction copper deficiency CO, CN-, HS-, NN-