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This website serves an extensive collection of documents pertaining to
William Frederick Koch, PhD, MD and his research.
Foundation For Light Therapy
nonprofit organization promoting use of ultraviolet hemoirradiation therapies
educational articles, referrals
newspaper with articles and ads online about oxidative medicine
Society For Free Radical Biology And Medicine (formerly "The Oxygen Society") is
a professional organization comprised of over 1,350 scientists, researchers and
clinicians with an interest in the field of free radical chemistry, biology and medicine.
Their journalFree Radical Biology and Medicine encompasses chemical, biochemical,
genetic, molecular biology, cell biology, cell signalling, physiological, pharmacological,
pathological, toxicological and medical approaches to oxygen and free radical research.
Free Radical Research aims to publish high-quality research papers, hypotheses and reviews
in the fields of: Reactive Species, Redox Biochemistry, Redox Signalling, Antioxidants, Oxidative Damage
The Society For Free Radical Research of Australasia
About the Redox Report
Links to organizations and websites pertaining to biological oxidation.
Publications of the Free Radical Research Center
at the Medical College Of Wisconsin
services of the National Library Of Medicine
easily devolope & download both references & abstracts
PubMed which searches MedLine
Gateway which searches numerous data bases
finds chemical formulae and structures
Dr. Duke's Phytochemical And Ethnobotanical Databases
at the Agricultural Research Service
detailed information on substances naturally occuring in plants
Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages
lists and illustrates many herbs & spices
discusses culinary and medicinal applications
index of plant descriptions by Perdue University
describes staple foods, herbs, and spices
Life Extension Foundation
biomedical news and review articles relevent to:
nutrition, alternative medicine and longevity
Website for the Second Opinion Newsletter written by Doctor Robert Rowen,
a knowledgable alternative practicianer with special expertise in oxidative therapies.
ITS Services
abstracts of biomedical literature
of special interest to nutritionists and alternativists
thoroughly referenced articles & bibliographies by Dr.Garry Gordon
on important topics in advanced medicine
Wikipedia is an extensive and growing resource of scientific information.
Type in the name of a chemical in the search box and relevant information
will be served including common uses, reactions and structural formulas.
Links to articles on a wide variety of scientific topics.
Many links to articles on chemistry.
abundant chemistry information:
software, data bases, links to other websites, suppliers
An extensive collection of structural formulas courtesy of Steve.
colorful periodic table with links to articles on each element
presented by the Los Alamos National Laboratory - Chemistry Division
Tree Farm Publications
order tapes of I.O.M.A. and other medical conferences
education and research pertaining to use of ozone
in medicine and in water purification
applications of ozone in medicine
extensive bibliography by Dr. Sunnen
articles and links re: ozone therapy
About Hyperbaric Oxygen
a collection of articles, abstracts, and explanations
prepared by Dr. Steenblock specialist and lecturer in HBO therapies
The International Hyperbarics Association, Inc. is an educational and
charitable organization focusing on the needs of the hyperbaric community.
Pressure Point is IHA’s monthly newsletter."
Links to articles pertaining to hyperbaric oxygen therapy,
courtesy of Aurora Health Center
The mission of the International Hyperbaric Medical Association is to promote sound
research and treatment protocols and to educate about the benefits of hyperbaric medicine.
Links to more information pertaining to HBOT, courtesy of the IHMA.
references supporting HBO in wound care
articles exposing medical politics
articles explaining alternative medicine
articles explaining alternative cancer therapies
presented by Ralph Moss, PhD
Center For Mind-Body Medicine
"Comprehensive Cancer Care Integrating Complementary & Alternative Therapies"
mixtures of redox active compounds
variously named "Entelev"/"Cancell"/"Cantron"/"Protocel"
anecdotally appearing useful to treat cancer and infections
extensive data presented by Peter Wardman of Mount Vernon Hospital, UK
on the reduction potentials of numerous organic compounds including:
quinones, organic nitrates, bipyridiniums, aldehydes, thiols,
flavins, phenols, polyphenols, indoles, phenothiazines, et cetera
William C. Brown is author of the university level text book Biology 1994.
He provides online an excellent overview of biology accessible by the above listed links.
The following reviews are especially relevant to biologic redox or to cell physiology.
Textbook Revolution provides online chemistry texts and guides.
This article explains briefly how living cells work, by the authors of How Stuff Works
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